Hong Kong is a prosperous import and export port. Customers of importers and exporters demand cargo transportation in collecting and delivering activities namely importing goods from overseas, exporting goods to overseas, as well as Hong Kong’s unique re-export role for China, and HK is able to serve customers in all these areas.
1. Local Heavy Goods Vehicles
HK has a large vehicle team and many vehicle types including vans, 3-ton, 8-ton, 16-ton and 24-ton trucks, specialising in providing different customers with different goods’ collection & delivery & distribution services.
a. Cargo collect and delivery services going in or out of wharf or warehouse
b. Cargo collect and delivery services at airport warehouse
c. Cargo distribution services
2. Local Container Service
HK offers a full range of container services and completes each and every transportation job both punctually and safely.
a. Containers’ haulage
b. Containers’ rental
c. Containers’ discharge & loading
d. Containers’ goods transit and storage
3. Crane & flatbed tricycle
In order to satisfy customers with different requirements, HK has 17-ton and 25-ton heavy type crane trucks, tipping lorries & flatbed tricycles, specially designed for transporting all kinds of heavy machines & large cargo.

Besides the above-mentioned quality services, we provide customers with free of charge conveyances including:
1. Quotation to the doorstep 4. Technical consulting
2. Documents transfer 5. Computerised Cargo Tracking Services
3. Final bills’ placement    
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